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Me as Strong Bad, Halloween 2008.


My name is Dom. I'm a 22yo university student from the UK. I've been a HSR fan since one glorious day back in naught one (circa Strong Bad email #6) and though a keen long-time HSR Wiki lurker, I have only just got round to signing up - mainly because of my fortuitous inclusion as a topless papier-mâché Strong Bad in Fan Costumes '08 ("Augh! No! I don't even wanna know what's going on in this picture!")!


Favorite Quotes: (a work in progress)

Favorite Toons

I "borrowed" this from User:Jnelson09, whose Homsar costume I greatly admired (who actually got it from User:Sam the Man, who actually got it from User:Bad Bad Guy!)

How I Discovered Homestar Runner

An avid internet addict I came accross the site purely as a result of following a series of random links. I thought the site was very esoteric, obscure and surreal and wasn't sure whether I liked it or not at first. I left it for some time and only came back to it when I overheard some of my friends quoting from a Strong Bad email, it sounded hilarious so I made my friends promise to send me a URL when I got home. They did and my love for HSR blossomed. Initially I just stuck to the sbmails but soon moved on to all the other areas of the site so I could understand the universe better!

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