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Put words in my mouth, please, sir.

In the same vein as Has Matt?'s Homsar quotes and The Chort's Senor Cardgage quotes, here's a list for user-created quotes of the third non sequitur champion: the Drive-Thru Whale.

DorianGray's Quotes

  • "Thick fog in your hat, gentlemen?"
  • "Your total comes to fifteen years in an iron maiden, sir."
  • "Garble your speculations, please, ma'am."
  • "Set your phasers on flan, please."
  • "Would you like ghost stories with that?"
  • "Can I check your coat, please, dungeon master?"
  • "Our special today is fried jellyfish. Will you be needing a booster shot?"
  • "For fifteen cents, you can add a healthy lacquer."

Other Users' Quotes

Please add wherever you like in the list.

  • "Put the ham on your bread, you're under a vest." – The Chort
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