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Strong Bad uses a large number of items to achieve his goals in Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.


Homestar Ruiner

Picture Item Description Use Location
Eco-friendly balloons full of helium. Used to lighten the Heavy Lourde. Marzipan's House
Banana Peel
Slippery skin of potassium-rich fruit. Used to evict party-goers. House of Strong
A box of chocolate-covered packing peanuts Used to cheer Marzipan or trap the King. Bubs' Concession Stand
Candy Coupon
A stack of coupons for a free box of candy. Used to obtain free candy. The Track
Float Head
An oversized papier mache Homestar head. One part of a surprisingly effective costume Marzipan's House
Fluffy Puff Jela-Ton
Wobbly, red-flavoured dessert. Race consolation prize. Used to solidify the pool. House of Strong
Hedge Clippings
The leftovers from bush sculptures. Used to cover up holes. Marzipan's House, KOT Castle, The Track, The Field
Cell Phone
Homestar's old school portable telephone. Used to make prank calls, and instrumental to patching Homestar and Marzipan's relationship. The Track
Homestar's Clothes
Red star shirt and tight, white pants. One part of a surprisingly effective costume. The Track
Criminal Record
The only details of Homestar's public nudity charge. Used to get Homestar off your couch. KOT Castle
Homestar Costume
A surprisingly effective costume. Used to impersonate Homestar. The Track/Marzipan's House
Hedge Shears
Power tool used for carving bushes. Used to carve up bushes. Bubs' Concession Stand
Stinky vegetable. Used to make Homestar smell funny. Marzipan's House
The toilet's best friend. Used to reach the ceiling duct. KOT Castle
Long-handled spade for moving objects around. Used to dig up buried treasures. Can also dig holes in Marzipan's yard. KOT Castle
Strong Bad's Clothes
Actually, it's really just a pair of tight black pants. Used to change back to Strong Bad. N/A (replaces Homestar Costume when it's worn)
Metal Detector
Taranchula-brand item that detects underground treasures. Used to find things underground. House of Strong
Total Load
Muscle-enhancing powder of suspicious nature. Used to frame Pom Pom. Can also help evolve moles into a race of mole-people. Bubs' Concession Stand
Shiny statue showing victory in the race. Used to "convince" Homestar he's won the race. The Track

Strong Badia the Free

Picture Item Description Use Location
3-Ring Binder
BMW Lighter
Clockwork Strong Bad Doll
Fake Sword
Paper Crown
Pilot Wings
Pottery Shard
Power Strip
Red Towel
Taranchula Black Metal Detector
Tony Stony
Tuning Fork

Baddest of the Bands

Picture Item Description Use Location

Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Picture Item Description Use Location

8-Bit is Enough

Picture Item Description Use Location

Party Members

Picture Party Member Description Use Location

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