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[edit] Eric who?

Oh, no one all that fascinating, honestly. Unlike most who hang out here, I'm a bona fide olda boy, and then some: thirty-nine years old, a rabid HSR fan since 2001, and known to have the occassional crochety moment as befits someone on the cusp of middle age (though I'll allow that I'm also the type of 39-year-old who rides shopping carts down parking lot inclines, so there's hope).

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

[edit] What I do around here

Mostly, I'm a on-again, off-again Wiki Gnome -- compared to the amazing work the regulars do here, I just do piddly stuff. I'm an overworked/underpaid website editor by trade, so when I have time I try to fix typos and bad links, spiff up the writing, and other such things. Nothing glamorous, but someone's gotta keep the floor swept.

Talk to me here.

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