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Things I probably said

Oh, hello! Greetings, one and everyone. I'm called Missy. I'm currently a 26-year-old graduate student living in Birmingham. I know this place doesn't seem very active nowadays, but I decided I'd make a new account so I could edit things.

[edit] My history with Homestar Runner

I remember how I was first introduced to Homestar Runner pretty well. It was in the summer of Aught Three, my siblings and I got a computer separate from the one my mom used for work. One lazy summer's day my brother was talking with some of his friends on AIM (remember AIM?) and one of them sent him a link to a Strong Bad Email. I happened to walk by while he was watching japanese cartoon. I didn't really get it, but then he showed me dragon, which I loved. A few weeks later I asked him what the address to the cartoons he had showed me was, and started going through the Strong Bad Emails. At that time, the most recent one was date. I think I spent a few weeks just watching SBEmails before even looking at any other part of the site, because I remember the most recent Quote of the Week was from kids book. After that, I checked the site regularly. I of course stopped checking every day after it stopped updating regularly, but ever since then I don't think I've seen any update more than a few days after it was first released.

[edit] My history with the Wiki

I first found the wiki a few months later, probably in October or November, while randomly googling Homestar Runner. At the time I remember the first result after the site itself was a 'Which Character Are You?' quiz (I was The Cheat!), and the wiki was a few more results down. I hadn't ever heard of a wiki before, not even Wikipedia, but I thought it was neat, especially learning about Secret Pages and other things I didn't know about. I don't remember if I ever contributed much, I mostly just hung out and talked to people. When I first got here the forum wasn't even there yet, and if we wanted to talk we did it on wiki pages themselves. It was kind of a mess. I didn't stick around for very long, by the summer of 2004 I had moved on.

A few years later, in early 2008 I started getting nostalgic for the old Wiki and came back. I did a little editing and hung out on the forum but after the debacle that happened in summer of 08 I wasn't particularly interested anymore and lost interest again. And now here I am, nine years after that, I saw something on the wiki that bugged me enough that I wanted to edit it, so I made an account. Funny thing is, I don't remember what that thing was now!

Homestar Runner seems to be more or less dead now, but it will always be my first internet love. It's even influenced the way I talk, as annoying as that sounds. (My username is a line I can't get out of my head for whatever reason.) Things seem to have died down here too, but I'll still stick around and edit anything that it occurs to me to add. I'm also on the IRC channel as TheBee. See you around!

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