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My Userpage


Oh, haldo! Greetings, one and everyone. Welcome to me! Yeah, I'm Gfdgsgxgzgdrc. What are you gonna do about it? You can call me Gfd, G-Man, Garbles, Unpronouncable Name, whatever. Anyways, most peoples just call me Gfd. I've been on the wiki for, what, like 11 years now? I've made over 3,000 edits on this wiki. So, I've got that going for me. Which is nice. Homestar Runner is my favorite cartoon, show, or cartoon show ever. And I like to edit the Homestar Runner Wiki. And make fanstuff over here. How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzipants?! (Oh, and hey, click here to learn how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves!)


Gfd's Quote of the Time


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My Userboxes

Your userbox needs words. Like these right here!

Userboxes for you!

Here's some userboxes I made. You can use them on your userpage.

...Seriously, put them on your userpage.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=red | mainbkgd=black | codebkgd=red | codecolor=#000000 | code=[[Image:VectorStrongBadShaded.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">'''THIS USER'S HEAD [[Vector Strong Bad|<span style="color:red">A SPLODE</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#A9A9A9 | codebkgd=#000000 | codecolor=#00FF00 | code=[[File:Alternate universe.png|60px]] | msg=Stiny! This user is '''[[alternate universe|a visitor from an alternate universe!]]'''}}
{{userbox | border=#000 | mainbkgd=#F90 | codebkgd=#3C3 | codecolor=white | code=[[Image:Xerioux H Star.png|43px]] | msg=This user is '''[[Xeriouxly Forxe|revamped for the nineties!]]'''}}
{{userbox | border=green | mainbkgd=lime | codebkgd=green | codecolor=green | code=[[File:cantsayjob.png|50px]] | msg=Oh, jeez. This user's just '''[[A Jorb Well Done|not cut out to say the word jaerb]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=red | mainbkgd=orange | codebkgd=red | codecolor=red | code=[[File:Econowave.png|50px]] | msg=This user checks emails on '''[[sbemail206|kitchen appliances]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=green | mainbkgd=red | codebkgd=green | codecolor=green | code=[[File:chauncey.png|50px]] | msg=This user would like you to meet... '''[[sbemail206|Your long lost twin brother]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#900 | mainbkgd=red | codebkgd=#C00 | codecolor=red | code=[[File:currentbad.png|40px]] | msg=This user '''[[How do you type with boxing gloves on?|checks emails with boxing gloves]].}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:SBCG4AP-D3-Smoky Office.png|50px]] | msg=This user fights the law! '''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|And also fights the crime, but not as much]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:sbemail80.png|50px]] | msg=This user works alone...'''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|except when they work with Renaldo, which is all the time]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:SBCG4AP Dangeresque.PNG|50px]] | msg=This user is a '''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|private eye, a crooked cop, a secret agent, and a celebrity pharmacist]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#006 | mainbkgd=blue | codebkgd=#63C | codecolor=red | code=[[File:homsar evolution current.png|40px]] | msg=<span style="color:#09C">This user is '''[[interview|<span style="color:white">a song from the sixties</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=#00C | mainbkgd=#9FC | codebkgd=#9FC | codecolor=red | code=[[File:StorybookHSR.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:#60F">Everyone loves this user. He/she is a '''[[Original Book|<span style="color:#60C">terrific athlete</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:limozeen.jpg|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Limozeen|<span style="color:orange">Limozeen</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:Sloshy.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[sloshy|<span style="color:orange">sloshy</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:Taranchula.PNG|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Taranchula|<span style="color:orange">Taranchula</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:cool tapes.PNG|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Cool Tapes|<span style="color:orange">Cool Tapes</span>]]'''.</span>}}

Images I Uploaded

These are all the images I uploaded to the wiki. 193 o' dems!

Stuff I Probably Did

I created these pages (listed in order of creation):

I also created these categories:

I did these type things:

Favorites and Not Favorites

Favorite Things

Least Favorite Things

The NEW Fanstuff Wiki!

This one! Remember the old one? This is like that, except it's not. Create an account now! don't have to, but you can. You know, if you want to make fanstuff. (You can also check out the forum here.)

Some o' my great-thyme fanstuffs:

Random Stuff

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I remember learning that... in school!

Did You Know...

  • ...the wiki has 811,174 edits at the moment?
  • ...the wiki has 3,136 articles?
  • ...the wiki has 45,350 pages total, including talk pages and redirects?
  • ...the wiki has 12,475 users?
  • ...the wiki has only 30 active users? That's depressing.
  • ...the wiki has 11,379 files?

Some More Gfd-Type Stuff

Everybody! Everybody!


How many characters can you count? Five. Twelve. Seven. Um... that's as high as I can count.

The Homsar Wiki

The HRWiki administrators have decided to officially transform the Homestar Runner Wiki into a Homsar Wiki. Sorry if we have ruined your life in any way, and we apologize for any inconvinience.

Welcome to the Homsar Wiki, the Homsar knowledge base that only Homsar can edit.

We're currently working on almost 2 articles about the randomest fictional character in the history of existence.
"IiIiIiIiI I was raised by a cup of coffee."

Main Menu: Legitimate Menu Pages | The Jeffersons | JengaJams | Wonder Mike | Real Popular Songs | Healthy Pieces of Real-Estate | Homsar's Email | Friendly Reminders | Songs from the Sixties

Browse Homsar Wiki

This week's Forever's featured Homsar-related article

"IiIiIiIiI I was raised by a cup of coffee."

Homsar is perhaps the strangest and most enigmatic of all the main characters in the Homestar Runner universe, known for his odd way of speaking. He was originally created as a result of a typo in the email homsar, in which Vinnie C. asked, "If you hate homsar so much, why don't you kill him?" (Presumably, Vinnie had actually meant to type "Homestar".) Strong Bad promptly dropped a Heavy Lourde on Homsar and left him for dead. The Brothers Chaps later decided to keep Homsar as a main character, and they brought him back in an Easter egg in The House That Gave Sucky Treats and in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, where he thanked Marzipan for the flowers she sent him while he was in the hospital. Homsar occasionally makes brief appearances in various cartoons, but most of the time he appears only in Easter eggs (and has even been referred to as the "secret guy"). (More...)

What's up with Homsar?

Recent updates to the official Homsar site.

If you've found this Homsar knowledge base useful, please consider donating alms for the pudgy. Donations are used primarily to cover domain registration and gravy train costs and more information about Homsar.
"IiIiIiIiI I was raised by a cup of coffee."
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