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[[Image:hrwlogoidea-fixed.png]][[Image:ghettoblastro.png|thumb|Blastro the Ghetto]][[Image:20X6 versus 1936.png|thumb|right|220px|This Isn't Much of a challange]][[Image:Wikistress3D_3_v3.jpg|thumb|Stress Thermomoter!.]]
[[Image:hrwlogoidea-fixed.png]][[Image:ghettoblastro.png|thumb|These peoples try to fade me!]][[Image:20X6 versus 1936.png|thumb|right|220px|This Isn't Much of a challange]][[Image:Wikistress3D_1_v3.jpg|thumb|Stress Thermomoter!.]]
==My info==
==My info==
[[Image:sbemail24.PNG|thumb|Double Deuce!!!!]]
[[Image:sbemail24.PNG|thumb|Double Deuce!!!!]]

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These peoples try to fade me!
This Isn't Much of a challange
Stress Thermomoter!.


My info

Double Deuce!!!!
Me!but without my hamma.
A la Brunswick stew
count gobulot

                                                   20X6!       Image:da cheat.gif



Skills: Bow staff, Numchackus, Tae kwon doe,internet, Lightsaber, Finding Easter eggs in Strong Bad email. Currently I'm really Stressed 'cause I'm movin'. If someone would show me a new image for my page, that Would probably make me happier.

Edga jr

                                                                                             Image:homeslice of the week.gif

.I have a wickedly awesome PSP named Edga Jr. Don't Think about

Somebody get this friggin' duck away from me!

Stealing him, or his dad Edgar the virus hunter Will drop a train on you!

Styles upon Styles for your return to school!

If you see this page, please put your User Name in the page.

About the pics

If you want to look at the pics, Feel free.

Run,Run,Run as fast as you can!

Image:oh, that looks sinful.png


A weird person(s)   

The Jpg award

Show me an awesome homestar related jpg, png, or gif and I'll give you a pizza trophy!


Stinkoman 20X6!

Some cool stinkoman stuff Image:stinkobox.png

A Pink Cham Cham firing only the left laser
File:20X6 Coach Z.jpg
So cuute!
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