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This Isn't Much of a challange
Stress Thermomoter!.
Double Deuce!!!!
If I had worked harder, it would've been a trophy full of Steak'ums
Concept sketch of The Goblin




Awesomeness Level:10 out of 10

Skills: Bow staff, Numchackus, Tae kwon doe,internet, Lightsaber, Finding Easter eggs in Strong Bad email.

.I have a wickedly awesome PSP named Edga Jr. Don't Think about

Somebody get this friggin' duck away from me!

Stealing him, or his dad Edgar the virus hunter Will drop a train on you!

If you see this page, please put your User Name in the page.

If you want to look at the pics, Feel free. GH Rocks!!Fightings and challanges, Deuce!

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