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*Easter Egg: ''catonfire_fallingfromanairplane.exe''
*Easter Egg: ''catonfire_fallingfromanairplane.exe''
==My Favorite Websites==
==My Favorite Websites==
This very website:<br>
This very website:<br>

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oh hello. My name is obviosely similar to the two computers Compy 386 and Lappy 486.
Email me whenever you fell like to.

I'd personaly thank Vinnie C. for this!

Personal Facts

  • Age: 12
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: light brown
  • Height: 4' 10"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Blood Type: unknown
  • Location: South-East of Rochester, NY(no, I'm not Matt from theme party.)
  • action figure aired on my 10th birthday!
And I thought he was under a tree.


  • This is my favorite character, Homsar!!
  • Created by a typo, and says lots of funny quotes.
  • See section "Homsar Quotes" from the Homsar link above.
  • I still want to know where that blue midget lives!

Favorite Homsar Quotes

-"Yaaaa, carmel corn for president please!"
-"Auugghh, I'm the human wedgie!"
-"Alms for the pedgy; alms for the pedgy!"
-"Ohhhnoooo! I think this is my favorite!"

Wiki Projects


My Favorite Websites

This very website:

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