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Name: Christopher Michael Bensko

Age: 15

Location: the vicinity of Orlando, Florida

As those userboxes over there suggest, I'm the same person as Yelt. You probably already know the whole story about that.

Quiz Result


Which Homestar Runner character are you?
this quiz was made by jurjyfrort

Which Homestar Runner character are you? this quiz was made by

Huh...not what I was expecting...kinda thought it'd say Strong Sad. But I suppose people who knew me as Yelt aren't at all surprised, LOL.

I took the test a few other times and answered some questions differently (cos some of them really could have had more than one answer), and it came up as Strong Sad, Homestar and Pom Pom. I guess what this prolly means is that I'm not much like any of the characters.

Cool People List

Obviously they've done more stuff than what's listed here, but I only have so much room (actually since this isn't paper, I have lots of room, but I don't need a userpage the size of Wikipedia)

Sith Sword Y (discussionitem_icon.gif user.gif mail_icon.gif) : Introduc'd me to Homestar Runner (Note: currently blocked for having a different opinion than the sysops)

Sensibly (talk stuff I did): Gave me the idea for this cool people list with the screwed up names

User:AContainerOfCaffeine@: Welcom'd me both times

This is dot gov: Allowed me to stay on here after I turned out to be Yelt the Guestbook Vandal

GrenadelauncherJeff: Hurray for gum!

Electrofowl: I stole a userpage idea from him, see if you can find it

The noun that isn't a person or place Talking is fun.

Welcom'd me pointlessly after ACupOfCoffee already had, plus welcom'd me on Wikipedia after I'd been on for 7 months

Did Matthew? (talk)

I'm like Yeltensic without all of the...Yeltensic-ness

With crap, Fig Newton (T C) :Me

My doppelgänger: Actually, he wasn't all that great, but he turned into me

Burrito Lettuce of My Hallucinations: Follow'd my example in ceasing to vandalize the wiki; before that he was...
Professor Whither

External Guestbook

I have a guestbook over on Uncyclopedia, so you can follow this link and sign it. If you don't have an account there, or use a different name there, please mention your HRWiki name when you sign, so that I know who it was. (not much point in having a guestbook otherwise, right?)

external guestbook
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