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Nick Bate
Gender: Male?
Born: 1991 (18)
Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Househusband
Spouse(s): I have one in mind.
Children: Someday, at least five. I've got the names picked out!
Interests: They Might Be Giants, Bonus Stage, Homestar Runner, RPGs

I'm Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger, but I also go by Nickalaus Bate, Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger Nickel, Kentuckydontexist, Akagi, Hagurumon, Hagurukagi, and possibly other things I have forgotten.

There was a huge bio here, but I thought it sounded to talk-y so I'm just gonna say I've been a fan of H*R since about 2004 and was even on HRWiki since the days of 'Tavi. However, I'm not all that active, just making minor edits when I see typos or whatever.

Most Recent Email to Strong Bad

Evidence, just in case he picks mine. ;)

Dear Strong Bad-san,
Hi Strong Bad, I'm in need of some of your sage wisdom. Maybe some
parsley wisdom, too! There is this girl that I love but she thinks I'm
stalking her for some reason. How do I prove I'm not a stalker?
Your viewer,
Dr. Nickalaus Bate, Ph.D. of Washington Boro, Pennsylvania
HR Favorites
  • Character: Coach Z
  • Running Gags/In-Jokes: BMW Lighter, Mountain Dew, Melonade, Butts
  • Strong Bad Alter-Ego: Dangeresque
  • Computer: The Lappy
  • HRWiki User: Oh, like you really need to ask.
  • Anyway, back to HR. Favorite quote?: Uhhhh... I 'unno. Probably something Coach Z has said.
  • Most quoted quote?: Uhhh... I like to say "I have more than two problems" a lot. Because it's true. I even made a list of my problems online. There's currently 80-some things listed.
  • How many emails have you sent SB?: A ton. One of my life goals is to have one of my emails actually answered.
  • Have you ever recorded a H*R toon, played it backwards, and discovered an amusing subliminal message? No, not really, but I listened to that "Everybody, Everybody" thing backwards a few times. It provided me with a few good moments of lawls.
  • Favorite location: I'm fond of The Stick and Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Email: That's like asking my favorite Bonus Stage episode or TMBG song.
  • AIM: Hagurumon31
  • MSN:
  • YIM: Hagurumon41
  • Skype: Kentuckydontexist

Um, yeah, see...I was a huge fan of Digimon when I was first introduced to the Internets. I mean, I do still like Digimon, but not that much anymore.

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