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Hey! My real name is Isaac Buchoff, and I'm a huge Homestar fan! My favorite character is [[Gavin]] and [[Homestar Jr.]] is pretty cool too, but the funniest of 'em all is by far the famous [[Homestar Runner]]!! Without Homestar, Strong Bad emails have a limit of how hysterical they can be, but you know that it can go anywhere once Homestar pops in! The great thing is, he's getting more clever while maintaining his insane stupidity. I'm proud  to say that I've attended the [[NYU Talk - 1 Mar 2005]] and would gladly answer any question about it that you put on my discussion page. I waited for hours outside with my girlfriend, my mom, and [[User:Tom]]. It was awesome. I am a proud owner of a Homestar skullcap (handmade in Israel) and this concludes my dull, time-wasting profile. [[Image:skullcap.png]]

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