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Hey there! wow, the welcoming comitte is FAST. blubry muffin (or however you spell it) welcomed me within the first 30 seconds (not kidding). you get a gold star.

About Me

Im luke, Im 12, and i was introduced to homestar runner by my friend timothy during the sbemail mile aera. I ammediatly fell in love with it, and bought a t-shirt, a messanger bag, and a pen. i was introduce to wiki while looking for lyrics to experemental film. WOW. who knew people cared that much about homestar? and that was just the surface. hundreds of people are chatting on thier own personal profiles! i joined into the fun april 9th, about a yer and a half after i found hrwiki.

About My Name

Ever since i heard of MySpace, i thought it was over-rated. I have, and always will have a xanga. So whenever I get the chance, I make fun of it. my old xanga name was DUDEwheresmyMYSPACE, so why not have a similar one with this?

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