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Hey! Dorks! Get offa me! U stink!


Ur face


Lol! Get the joke?
He is NOT the strongest man in the world!!!

Here is my website: Everybody is Different. No two people are the same. not on fire. Awwwwww!

Strong Bad "making" an email

My dream sbemail

Hunk of Junk Sbemail 1: Virus 2

Strong Bad gets a dumb question and sends The Virus to the emailer.

Cast: Strong Bad

Places: Computer Room, A Dump

Computer: Compé

Running Time: 0:40

Page Title: Compy Compé


STRONG BAD: E is for email and S is for sucks! {Clicks icon}
STRONG BAD: {reading}

{He reads the Crap 100 times and Someone, Somewhere as: CRAP 100 TIMES? SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE? and then screams like when the Compè tricked a BSOD}
STRONG BAD: {typing} You have made me REALLY angry! I am sending the Compy 386 virus to you.
{cut to the Compy 386}
STRONG BAD: {typing "strongbad_email_Inbox.exe}
{a list of all the sbemails come up and Strong Bad chooses virus while holding CTRL at the same time}
{another menu comes up}
The menu:

STRONG BAD: {selects Send to: and types the e-mail address}
STRONG BAD: {sends}
{cut to the Compè}
STRONG BAD: Ah, that's better!
{Compè-per comes up}









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