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I love homestarrunner. Its awesome. Really. Im a huge fan of H*R, and am proud to be a meber of the Wiki. I consider myself a WikiGnome-- just generally tyding up,and writing a few pages now and then. I also love userboxes. They're so cute!


My favoite quotes

  • "Always save a dance for a crazy chinga chonga like me!"
  • "DaaaaaAAAAAh! I'll take the last bus to the bake sale!"

About My Username

Ilovehr- it practically speaks for itself i love

Non-H*R Intrests

  • Fashion Design
  • Painting
  • Culinairy Art (a.k.a cooking)
  • Shopping
  • Acting
  • Yoga

Wiki Bottom 10

1. Being referred to as a male on talk pages by other users-- I AM A GIRL FOR GOD'S SAKE! 2. Users who think they are the supreme overlord of the h*r world/wiki. I DONT CARE if i only use one quote thingy instead of 2. I use this thingy " for quotes, and this thingy ' for inderect quotes/single words 3. Trolls 4. People who harass new users 5. Totally un-h*r sandbox posts 6. Labor Dabor 7. Bad articles 8. Strong Sad ;) 9. stuff i hate 10. other stuff


I enjoy gnome work. I've only written, like, 1 page Bricks, but shortly after it was changed to Brick Throwing by some user i dont know. :'( So I decided to be a gnome! It suits me more, i think.

{{userbox | border=#00008B | mainbkgd=mediumspringgreen | codebkgd=green| codecolor=green | code= | msg=This user likes to wear swee-atshirts.}{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#CCCCCC | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#000000 | code= | msg=This user is SO GOOD!}|-
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