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Hiyas. I'm not very well known around this site; usually I just edit minor typos and the like.

I usually spend my free time drawing/submitting artwork to deviantART and browsing the HRWiki.


[edit] Yey For Personal-ish Information!

Name: Veronica.
Location: I tend to live on MSN or a dA chatroom... Or in the US. Whatever. I'd like to live in England, though.
I Like: Fullmetal Alchemist, Xiaolin Showdown, Cartoons, Drawing, Art, Guinea Pigs and Music.
I Hate: Many things.
Favourite Bands: Green Day, Depeche Mode, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy and Sum 41.

[edit] Other Crap

The first SBEmail I ever saw was flag day in 2002. I became a full-blown Homestar Runner fan after hearing the NPR Interview one Sunday last summer.

And here I am.

I Am:

  • An Obsesser.
  • A Cavy Slave. (Guinea Pigs Rule.)
  • A deviantARTist.
  • Told That I'm Mature For My Age.
  • A Mountain Dew Lover.
  • Scary.
  • Able To Spell Correctly Online.

Favourite Quote

Jack Spicer: You'll never understand us artists. We have to suffer for our art.

[edit] Closing Time

Thank you very much for visiting my page. :)

- - This be my website. Visit if you wish.
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