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Oh haldo! i will make this page soon. so till then watch this!

Huh? You watched it eh? Well here's the page... i am Jfilesguy, i'm on the forum as... er, um jfilesguy. i'm also on some other wedsite that has nothing to do with Homestar. do you need to know any thing else about me?


well, maby this stuff...


What i Likes to do on the Wikay <sic>

i used to think i was a gnome, but now i know i'm not a very good one... now i spend my days putting links on articalles and adding other stuff

My history with Homester The Runner <sic>

I learned about Homestar when a YouTuber i liked made a review of SBCG4AP. i thought it was reall funny! so i when on H*Rdotcom and laughed my head of. since then i loved Homestar

why i love the use of <sic>

STUB'D! This section of the page is incomplete. You can help the Homestar Runner Wiki by expanding it.

The End

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