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Hi, guys. you might remember me as Tothelimit66. NOT NO MORE (as Homestar would say)!

i am totally OBSESSED with homestar and i know alot about the fine details in alot of the toons and SBemails. You can count on me if there is something REALLY detailed about homestar toons and CO. Surprisingly, I am a 11 year old girl, but still, i really i know i can help you guys out. i also am diagnosed with Asberger's and Hyperlexia, and my highlights there are Reading, Spelling, Typing,Tech, computers, e.c.t. I live in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This is my first blog and I don't need much guidence, which is surprising, even for me. i find it very easy to move and create around the blog. i am very dependant and don't like to be treated and talked to like i'm a LIITLE kid. i am strong and have a very advanced Vocabulary. i am expecting to have a great addition to the Wiki and will do any research if necessary.

Thank You for all kind support. i could use some advice on leaving a comment on a paragraph. Jibblejibblejibble

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