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Hi. I've had a user name for a long time, but I just decided to start using it again. I've only ever used it once, and ended up getting griped at for putting my comments on a closed STUFF in the wrong place. Ever since then, I've just stayed anonymous when ever I feel like putting my two cents worth in. But, since I lost my job a few months ago, I've been able to put my two cents in more often. And thusly, I've gotten into more run-ins with the popular vote and/or the admin clique.

I hate to be negative about stuff, and I know people might get mad at me for saying this, but sometimes I feel like this site is ruled by a hierarchy, and if you're not in the admin clique, then your opinions don't really matter. "Unable to reach a consensus" really means "unable to convince us." No matter how many people argue for a point on a talk page, as long as there's still two or three admin/sysop/senior editor/whatever cool guys that keep posting against it, it remains "undecided." I know that there’s people who would argue tooth and nail this isn't true, but I've had several bad experiences that have made me feel this way. Maybe I'll eventually be proven wrong.

My main beef with the way the admin clique runs the site is that sometimes they seem to forget that most people who come here are just average run-of-the-mill Homestar dorks, and not super mega uber nerds like themselves. They want to keep everything encyclopedic, neat and clean, based on proven facts, scientific, clear cut, humorless, and speculation-free. All this is fine for standard Wikipedia pages, but the H*R Wiki is based solely on a single internet cartoon series, that thrives on non-sequitur humor. It can't be based on proven facts because there are none. It can't be clear cut and scientific, because so many of the jokes intentionally don't make sense (Homestar's "arms", Strong Bad typing with boxing gloves, The Cheat's and Pom Pom's "languages"), and it can't be speculation-free, because The Brothers Chaps are the only ones who ever know for sure what they meant (sometimes even they probably don't), and it's so rare that they explain themselves, so anytime an article explains a meaning behind a cartoon, by default, it's speculation.

I think that all these rules hurt the Homestar Runner spirit. It's supposed to be whimsical and light hearted and funny. Since we can't ever truly know what TBC had in mind, we shouldn't try to limit ourselves to only what TBC had in mind. Our only limit should be to the whimsical, light-hearted, and funny. If there's no way of knowing if a similarity was an intentional refrence, but it's still something W,LH,&F, it should be included. If it wasn't an intentional refrence, then including it will actualy enhance the humor of the toon for people who come here. Don't forget that TBC themselves say they come here. Wouldn't it be awesome to impress THEM with a connection they hadn't thought about?

Which brings be back to my user name. I may never be able to truly make a diffrence in all the above-mentioned dissagreements, but I've decided to put up one heck of a fight trying to. And the first step to doing that is letting people know who I am.

So, here goes!

I'll probably turn this into an actual user page eventually, but I just wanted to put up my "fight the power" rant before I went through and replaced the IP addresses on all my talk page posts with my with my newly renewed name.

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