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Hey I'm KENSTER and I'm Awesome Just Like Strongest of the Bads Himself

[edit] Stuff I Like

Kenster Honors 2014

[edit] Here is a cool image i made based on the one from 50 emails, LOLz

File:Error Message from 50 Emails.png

This one is a generated version from this one

This is real.
Image:Warning-gray.png System report:
Everything is fine. Nothing
is ruined.

File:Error Message from Not the 100th Email!!!.png

An almost Identical version to those 2 above from Not the 100th Email

This is real.
Image:Warning-gray.png System report:
Keep your pants on
for real.

Goto Atom Smasher to make errors like those two

I also run a comic series with a ghost character named Phanto Spirit on my Kenstertube Website: Here's the comics menu

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