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THEY MADE A CARTOON OUT OF DNA EVIDENCE!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! xDDD I was laughing SO hard when I found out. Like you wouldn't even BELIEVE.
...Hi everyone, I'm Kiwi! =D I've been a member of this Wiki since...I don't know. o.o If you see Mew Kiwi anywhere in a Google search (except for the long-since-dead Seera Myu Myu Kiwi that someone else made up, and the Mew Kiwi on 4Kid$ forums), it's me. I've recently taken on other identities too. (If you see Aangfish anywhere, that's me.) And...Bad Graphics Ghost is my homeslice. Hoo-RAH.

[edit] Favorite Homestar stuff

[edit] Wiki

Mainly I just lurk around and fix random things, but once I actually got bold and made a page. Whooo... *waves flags*

  • I started the The Cloitsterizer page, and it was edited by other peoples. For that, I thank you.
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