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Oh hello I'm Lil Stiny... Isn't that great? My name is Tony, I live near just north of Atlanta, GA. I've only been watching the site since summer aught four but i do belive that i have seen every animation, most of them more than once. superhero name isn't my favorite email but I like that quote, it's the text tone on my cell. Also, The Cheat is Not Dead is my ring tone.


More junk you probaly don't care about


Toon - Bug In Mouth Disease,

Comentary - Yello Dello

Short - Lookin at a Thing in a Bag

Holiday - Homestar Presents: Presents

Emails - 50 emails, origins, kids' book, and japanese cartoon

Characters - Homestar, The Cheat

My Mission

You Know all those filmographies or appearences where soemimes it says [[name of toon]] (debut)? well, i have sworn my life (or at leats this year) to making them all say Debut: [[name of toon]].

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