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Loafin' FTW!
I like to loaf it, loaf it.

[edit] It's Me, Everybody!


I'm now a full-time software engineer, and don't have the luxury of procrastinating at university anymore. That means I'm really not that active on the wiki anymore...

[edit] What I Did To Avoid Working On My Thesis

  • I tried to make sense of the layout of Strong Bad's house. Futile? Probably. Fun? Very yes.
  • I still hang out on IRC sometimes. So I can have conversations such as this one:
[01:48] <Heimstern> There isn't exactly an encyclopedic term for that gesture, I would assume.
[01:45] <Heimstern> I mean, it's not really an encyclopedic thing to do.
[01:40] <Loafing> lol
[01:36] ->| Phlip joins.
[01:30] <Loafing> can i has a phd?
[01:30] <Loafing> kthnxbai
[01:30] <-- Loafing quits
[00:59] <Heimstern> I can has go somewhere else now.
[00:59] <Heimstern> u cant k?
[00:59] <-- Heimstern quits
[00:33] ->| Dot_com joins.
[00:33] <Dot_com> 'ello guvnuhs
[00:32] <Dot_com> ¿Dónde está todo el mundo?
[00:31] <Phlip> No, thank you, I just had lunch.

[edit] Hall of Fame

My favourite edit summaries. In random inverse chronological order.

User Quote Source
DeFender1031 standing together"!="hanging out". C&K hill is a "hang out". if i was sitting with someone in a bar, you'd say that it doesn't mean we're freinds? Probably, cause she'd be way too good looking for me [1]
It's dot com if I had to guess, I'd say puke colored is what they were going for, but we can't really put that in the article now can we [2]
OptimisticFool Kind of a "blah" article as-is.. adding "microwave" does nothing to improve it, but there it is. [3]
The Chort what did I say?! what did I tell you to do?! good grammar! I come on the wiki and I have to look at this mess! [4] As a computer geek, Finder, should be for sure, a proud pronoun. It's happy being a pronoun! That's why it smiles, I bet! Being a worshiped, happy pronoun. [5]
It's dot com Get out of here, British spelling! No one likes *your* style [6]
Bluebry rv - What happens behind the black, stays behind the black. [7]
Super Martyo Brother ha HA, wait, what does failed to parse mean? [8]
ACupOfCoffee I'm gonna refrain from making purposely bad jokes for a while and only accidentally make bad one from now on [9]
Shwoo ...That was partial too, unless I'm also Theyellowdart. I'm pretty sure I'm not. [10]
Has Matt? ähh! why do äll these people forget to put the "ä" in "doppelgänger"? that mäkes me ängry! [11]
Jay Oh, you mean THAT consensus... [12]
Qermaq rv - 1) That's obvious, 2) That's in the linked material, and 3) keep your aroused wildebeests off a family wiki, pls [13]
Shwoo Probably badly worded, but it's tired and I'm late [14]
DorianGray If Strong Bad... weighs the same as a duck... he's made of wood... And therefore? A witch! [15]
Qermaq I will fix it. I will do it 9 times [16]
DorianGray Sounded better before. Like, it had good grammar and all. [17]
Jay Thou shalt not write thy facts as questions. Not even rhetorical questions! [18]
Dot Cool i'm Dot freakin' co... wait, i'm Elcool. from the wiki [19]
Phlip That's not how you spell "Englilsh" (what do they teach kids in school these days?) [20]
Jay SUBTITLE LINKS!! (Ow, my lack of anything funny to say "Ow" for!) [21]
Jay Urgh. Why do I never get Edit Conflicts when I WANT them?! [22]
Thunderbird L17 Adding a space between "browser" and "When". ;) [23]
DorianGray It sounds like a bunch of turkeys wrote the transcript. [24]
Joshua Who did this? It looks like it was done by a two-years-old boy. [25]
Thanks to DorianGray for letting me use this.
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