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hello, i learned about h*r from sibling who learned from friend around 2003. after that i lost interest, but my friend reminded me so now im hooked again :D thx to a wiki user who said on his page about logging on. just got here still. but the imdaman evolution will ever expand... or not


Favorite stuff on H*R

fav character: the cheat. awwww how adorable*kick* ...
fav big toon:first time here its dot com ...
fav short:experimental film the color of infinity is the best dang short ...
fav holiday toon: happy hallowday halloween night come here boy ...
fav sbemail:bottom ten/flashback and the number 1 on my bottom ten is... the not seeing flashback for the sometenth time today...
worst big toon:yello dello dvd barely gets anything cool on there ...
worst short: kot voqpcs ewwww what is that wreak... this toon?
worst holiday toon:The best decemberween ever i should get a present for imdaman. after all, i ruined a couple minutes of his life
worst sbemail:halloweener then you cover the crappy email with aluminum foil and there ya go. hiding the crappiest email ever

everyone may leave now...except for you Jerome

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