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== Miss Fwee Countwy USA. ==

Guess who's back
Back again
Princess is back
Tell a friend
Now everyone report to the wiki
To the wiki, to the wiki
Now everyone report to the wiki
Alright stop. Pajama time!

(For those of you who don't know, that was a reference to the Eminem song, Just Lose It.

OK. I have a confession to make. I am someone. I am someone who was on this Wiki back before it was part of Wikipedia.!! I'm sorry I didn't come on for like 6 months, but my obsessions change frequently and they changed to SpongeBob in like, April. And I was considering coming back in the summer but I was afraid that you guys would think I was a traitor or something. Please don't hate me!! I want to be part of the Wiki again! Oh, and for those of you who don't know who I am, here is an explanatory poem:
Once upon a time in a faraway land
Before Wikipedia had this Wiki in its hand
The princess of StrongBadia wore her crown
In this Wiki kingdom; in this Wiki town
There was rarely a day that would pass on by
Without the princess editing any mistake on here she'd spy
But most importantly, on Strong Bad, the princess had a crush
So you can see why she hates the email "sisters" so much
And whenever a new user would join, she was psyched
Because she'd ask them if it was Strong Bad they liked
But in late April, her interests had changed
From Homestar to SpongeBob; I know it must seem strange
But now she's back, she loves Strong Bad again
And she hopes that all o' y'all still wanna be her friend!

Hey dudes and chicks. I took a look at this one forum thread about people who've got their emails answered and, well, I REALLY think my time is coming!!! I sent in some really good ideas recently, and if he happens to answer one, here they are so you guys don't think I'm lying:

Dear Strong Bad, Do you like board games? What kind of board games do you and your homies like to play? XOXOXOXO Gabby

Dear Strong Bad, If you could make a TV commercial to advertise your email show, what would it be? XOXOXOXO Gabby

Dear Strong Bad, What up? You haven't made any renovations on StrongBadia for a looooooong tim. I think you should add somethin to it!! Your biggest fan, Gabbie from Staplertown

(P.S. I spelled time wrong on purpose because he could easily make a joke about some guy named "Loooong Tim"!!!)

Dear Strongie-B, I think you and your friends should have a film festival!! Each one of you should make your own film to put in it!! Your #1 fan, Gabbie from Cheeseville

Dear Strong Bad, I have to fill out this dumb form for school telling what extra curricular activities I do. But I don't have very many. Can you come up with any good fake activities for me to put on there? Without crap, Gabby from Cheeseville, The Balloon State

Yo Strong Bad!! Could you please create an invention that would make some kind of annoying everyday routine more convenient? Your fan, Gabby (Rochester, NY)

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