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Oh hello! Greetings, one and everyone! Welcome to me! Nintendostar! Runner! Nintendostar Runner. Or Nintendostar. Um, what else? Well, my username came from my two obsessions, which I blended to make a third-style original! Now for my history, which you can take or leave.


First Encounter? Maybe. Last Encounter? No ways.

I have a vague memory about Strong Bad and The Cheat. It was in 6th grade, and we had some extra time in social studies. One kid was watching a cartoon on the Internet. I was afraid it was bad, like, with cuss words, so I didn't go to see it. The toon was most likely a Strong Bad Email. I think I remember a piece of notebook paper, so it may have been comic. Which probably means that I didn't see The Cheat after all... Hmm.

Official-Style H*R History

My cousin visited from Florida in June 2004 and introduced my brother and I to the website. He thought it was funny, but I was hooked. I can't remember what my first toon was, but it was either The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Meet Marshie, Homestar Runner's Character Video, or The Luau. My first email was dangeresque 3. Today, I have taken the time to watch every toon there is.

Wiki History

A bit over a year later, I decided to look up the Characters on the Wikipedia. At the bottom of each page was a link to the H*R Wiki. I shrugged it off a few times, but some time later, I went to it and arrived at the Main Page. I used it to learn all that I could about my favorite cartoons. After 5, 6, or 7 months of being annonymus, I got the guts to join up. Now, I am writing this page. If my history is chronologically impossible, I apologize. I never knew I would have to remember all that.

Favorite Quotes

"A B'GRL PRTY!?" (Cheerleader and So-and-So, Teen Girl Squad Issue 10)

"Taking the vowels off of words doesn't always make them cool." (What's Her Face, Teen Girl Squad Issue 10)

"I'm pretending I'm the captain of the foortball torm!" (Baby Coach Z, highschool)

"Aw man! That freakin' duck swallowed both of my pixels!" (Baby Strong Bad, highschool)

"Hey! My birthday was last week, and I don't see anyone making any Stinkoman-shaped pancakes!" (Stinkoman, Happy Trogday)

"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!" (Two Homsars, Fall Float Parade)

"IT TASTES SO GOOD!" (Strong Mad, old comics)

"Well...Well...Nancy and I...economics...well...rap music...jellybeans...Well...we...probably had" (Homestar Runner, Halloween Potion-ma-jig)

"Marzipan, help! I woke up in this pile of swee-atshirts and I don't know how to stop it! I'm s'pposed to be watchin' Bubs' Concession Stand while he's in some ridiculous parade! And I'm pretty sure a rat just bit my knee." (Homestar Runner, Fall Float Parade)

"MORE LIKE, YOU GET ME A DRINK!" (Strong Mad, Lookin at a Thing in a Bag)

"Ah! I regret everything!" (Coach Z, Fall Float Parade)

"Hey, Strong Bad, I'm inside your house." (Homestar Runner, english paper)

"DENTIST!" "Jugga jigga wugga!" "DELi-STYLE!" "Jugga jigga wugga!" "DE LA SOUL!" "Jugga jigga wugga!" (Brainkrieg, death metal) (BTW, I put the two quotes together.)

Big Things I did

Well, I do want to mention one thing about Strong Mad's article. The Physical Characteristics section begins with the phrase "Apparently, Strong Mad's height and weight are in question." That was not always there. Guess who put it in? ME, when I didn't have an account and annonnymus editing worked! I thought it would be good to give readers an idea of what they would read.

Yeah, even though someone slightly changed the words...

Small Things I like to do

All I pretty much do is vote on STUFF.

Notice Styles

I decided that I will be putting up announcements here. I have several, so I will put them as subsections in this section.

Gender confirmation

So long as I don't give away my address, I guess it's okay to tell all of you that I am a 13-year-old female. Okay? I just don't want people to make the same assumption about me as I did with Samus Aran! (It was pretty much the same reaction, but still...)

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