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[edit] My Life and H*R

Hey everybody. My name is Nyostar Runner, but everyone here can call me Nyostar or Nyo. Whatever you want to call me. Now, for today's lesson, you're going to learn about me, so grab those number 2 pencils and start copying!! Or just read whatever I typed here. Meh.

I first found out about H*R in July 2003. My oldest sister claimed that her friend sent her the site. The first 'toon I watched was a Strong Bad e-mail (possibly sugarbob). I loved it, and was hooked at that moment. Ever since, I watched SBEmails and 'Toons ever since. My 2 older sisters liked it but lost intrest.

My favorite characters in order:

1. Homestar Runner 2. Strong Bad 3. The Cheat 4. So and So 5. What's Her Face 6. Cheerleader 7. Stinkoman 8. 1-Up 9. Eh! Steve

...And that's it. I might edit this part once in a while, so keep your pants on. For real.

[edit] Other Cartoons I Like

Yes, I like other cartoons as much as I like H*R. I'll list 'em for ya:

Cartoon Network (on the air)

1. Camp Lazlo 2. Foster's Home 3. Ed, Edd n' Eddy 4. Billy and Mandy

Cartoon Network (canned shows)

1. Dexter's Lab (early episodes) 2. Jonnhy Bravo 3. Courage The Cowardly Dog 4. Sheep in The Big City

Nickeldeon (on the air)

1. Catscratch 2. SpongeBob (episodes before the movie)

Nickeldeon (canned shows)

1. Jimmy Neutron 2. Fairly OddParents 3. Rocko's Modern Life 4. Ren and Stimpy (Spumco episodes)

Other Cartoons

1. Happy Tree Friends.

[edit] =Video Games I Like

I like Stinkoman 20X6 and TROGDOR! (game), but here are some other video games I like:

1. 2-D Mario games 2. 2-D Sonic the Hedgehog games 3. The Sims 1 and 2 games 4. Animal Crossing: Wild World

That's it everybody! Now you know Nyostar Runner! :)

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