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Welcome to my page... I'm Omega.

A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my page! I'm Omega (As if you haven't figured that out yet...) My real name is Omair Ali but Omega's fine too. My birthday is on July 21, 1992 which makes me twelve years old. I'm a guy in the seventh grade and I live in Saudi Arabia but I'm acutually Australian. In this page I will tell you some stuff about me.

Favorite Things

I have many favorite things. The most favorite things that I like are video games, sports and some civilization. My favorite video game genre is role playing and my favorite video games are the Tekken, Final Fantasy and Zelda series. My favorite sport is basketball. I hate a lot of bright colors like cyan or red because I like dark colors like black or blue. My favorite dishes are speghetti or pizza, and of course like most people, I HATE peas. Now on to the next section!


My hobbies vary a lot. I like to sit around somedays, sit on the computer...go on H* magically somedays I have the urge to go outside and play. Some hobbies that I like are playing sports like tennis or soccer and as I said earlier, basketball. My absoloute favorite hobby is making MIDIs. You might think this is a little weird know. I also like making web pages. Speaking of web pages, I'm making a website that is like an adventure and you have all this stuff in it. Well I can't explain it here because I would have to write a whole article about it. As I was saying. My second favorite passtime is going on H* Then there's my third favorite. Don't worry this is the last one! My third favorite hobby is to go out and explore the community. If you don't know what i mean by that. It means I live in a compound, but not just a compound! It's a very rich oil producing company. So it has a lot of money so it built a whole community. The company is called ARAMCO. Well I think that just about wraps it up. If you want to talk to me or anything like that my e-mail adress is or visit my Talk Page

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