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Welcome to my page. I'm Omega...

A Little About Me

  Yes I am Omega but that's not my real name. I wonder around here... making contributions. As you know Omega is a very cool name but nobody thought of it before strangley enough... I have no idea how this relates to a little about me... Okay... Now I'll tell you "a little about me" First of all, I'm not an old geezer like some people out there. I'm only tweleve. Second of all Om are the first two letters of Omega also the first two letters of my real name. I'll throw in two clues to help you geuss my name. 
*My name is five letters long.
*The last three letters are something you know exists but can't see it.

   On to my other stuff. I like challenges but not cheap ones like. *Dorky voice* What came first the chicken or the egg? *Normal voice* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA LAME! I like to play RPG Video Games. I HATE those cheap pixelated games made by that videlectrix company. I also like to make MIDIs for my website. I'm telling my whole life story to you you know... I'm not stubborn but... Would a goody-goody make a good Omega? Ok well...bye.
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