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Welcome to my page I'm Omega.


A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my page! Here I'll tell you people SOME stuff about me. I live in Saudi Arabia but I'm Australian. I'm twelve years old and my birthday is on July 21, 2004 (In some countries this was the day when the first man touched the moon.) As I was saying, I like to play video games and play sports like soccer, tennis and swimming. My favorite food is speghetti and pizza (Both Italian). Of course my favorite site is and my favorite character is Coach Z (Mainly because of his accent.) Hmmmm I think that covers SOME of the things about me. Wait wait! I like to make contributions a lot and stuff like that. What else did I leave out...? Oh yeah! I'm making a website that's going to be like a video game and it will also have a lot of easter eggs and fun facts. I also make MIDIs for my website. I think that REALLY covers SOME of the things about me.

Hobbies and Interests

Didn't I already tell you that? Oh well...*Sigh* For your dumb sake... I like to play video games... My favorite video games are the Tekken, Final Fantasy and Zelda series... I like to play sports... Like soccer, tennis and swimming... There! All done!

Favorite Quote

I don't think I have one... NOTE: That was not a quote. Wait! This isn't either! Not that one either! STOP STOP!! No seriously this isn't my quote!

Fun Facts

  • The titles on this page may be derived from MSN profiles...
  • Omegas real name is Omair...
  • Omega means big O or the last thing to a sequence and is also the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • All the SOMEs in this page are capitalized.
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