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My name is Parp11 because me and my friend Theyellowdart were making up stupid words a long time ago, and parp was the funniest. I don't have much to say but that my favorite sbemail is for kids and I love Cheat Commandos and Teen Girl Squad a lot. Shoplifting?!?

My favorite TGS is 1 My favorite big toons are Parsnips A Plenty, A Folky Tale, or Cool Things.

My least favorite toon is Superbowl Dealie. What the crap is up with that. It's like two seconds long and doesn't even have a point. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! ( For all you number freaks and nerds out there, I have ELEVEN exclamation marks. Count 'em !)

My favorite short is Let Us Give TANKS.

My favorite Hallow-toon is Pumpkin Carve-nival.

I have been a HstarR fan for almost a year. I introduced The yellow dart to Homestar. I have 4 hamstray tees, and EVERYTHING ELSE VOL. 2 DVD.

The first email I watched was caffeine.

"Fruit salad! Fruit salad! Fruit salad! Fruit salad! Fruit salad! Fruit salad!"

         -Strong Sad

My Favorite Movies: Terminator 1-3, Gladiator.

My Music: Pillar, Weird Al, Skillet, any country

MY FAVORITE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (23 exclamations that time! i mean 24. I'm trying to get the record)

[ Lego Clan On Crack Part 1

[edit] People I Know Here In Real Life

Your Mother

I am not German Either. I hope. If i am, I will eat 40 lbs of twinkies.

                           GO FINLAND!!!!!!!! (8 that time)
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