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pladams9 is a montage of quickly fading, but often lingering, ideas. Born in the great expanses of a hospital, this young creature soon became subject of great interest due to his incredible cuteness. That's right down-right, unbelievable, dis-honest cuteness. This is his story. Did I mention that I got a 1410 (old score) on my SAT during my junior year of highschool?

[edit] Interests

  • Software Design/Programming
  • Writing
    • Philsophical Ramblings
    • Poetry
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-Fi
  • Reading
    • See under Writing
  • Art
    • Sketching
    • Sculpture
  • Music
    • Guitar
    • Piano
    • Composing
  • Athletics
    • Tae Kwon Do
    • Running up trees
  • Other random things that involve creativity or math or mild athletics i.e. almost everything

[edit] Cool Math Stuff

Math is cool. Very. That's probably why I'm taking Calculus. Unfortunately, HRWiki doesn't support LaTeX.

[edit] External Links

  • WarCraft, StarCraft, General Tech Help, or Randomness: This place rocks and I am Special!
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