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"For once the page is actually under construction..."

Hi Peoples! I was really passionate about the H*R site & H*Rwiki that I decided to create an account! My favorite charactures are Homsar and Strong Bad. I've been working on new signatures check them out:

  • Normal!


  • Happy Halloween!


  • Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Christmas! Or Happy Holidays!

They aren't very good, but I'm learning.


My Current thoughts

Currently I've been thinking about...

  • My toe, ow.
  • HALLOWEEN SIG!!!!<3 --Platinum789hi 19:41, 14 October 2009 (UTC)
  • Anime Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I Discovered the Wiki and the Website

A while back, I was watching my cousin on the computer and he was watching the sbemail:original. At the time I thought it was kind of stupid and confusing because of all the characters n' stuff. But later on, I visited the website again and watched the First time here? toon and all the character videos, that helped me understand everything a little better. The I started looking through the emails,(which I have now watched all 204 if I don't say so my self) toons, and games. After a while I wanted to see the site and found it was fake. I looked through the results and also found this website, and began looking through to see what it was. Not wanting to forget this website, I added it to my favorites. A couple months later, I joined as a user.

To Do List:

  • Create a page on this wiki. Done!
  • Work on signatures.
  • Customise and make my own user boxes.
  • Upload a picture on the wiki site.
  • Something.
  • Other thing.
  • Make more edits.

Weekly Thought

I really screwed up my toe this week. Ouch, ow, I can't kneel darnit!

Bottom 10

10. Roaches

  • One word explains it all: EEEWWWWWW!!!!!!

9. Wannabes

  • "Like, ow, I like broke my nail," or, "Dude . . . Dude!"

8. People who don't understand I have am slightly OCD

  • ME: {straighten.}

OTHER PERSON: {unstraighten.}
ME: (most likely.) {Slaps the other person.}
7. People who think I'm a retard, even though I'm just weird in my own way. >:(

  • That, or I'm just . . .I can't think of it right now

6. Umm. . . not not not butts.

  • They make funny jokes and umm. . . yeah.

5. People who quote the same quote from the weekly quote more than 3 times.

  • "Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar.". . ."

4. Those ads that say, "Congratulations, you have won a free wii; Click here to claim it now."

  • If you have not seen these before: "Congratulations, you are lucky!"

3. People who think I am 8 years old and treat me like it too.

  • This is self explanitory.

2. People who swear, and/or curse for no absolute reason.

  • Oh yeah, in middle school, this is common and annoying.

1. People who crack their knuckles in the middle of class.


My Contributions and Thanks

Some random crud crap:
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