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"For once the page is actually under construction..."

Hi Peoples! I was really passionate about the H*R site & H*Rwiki that I decided to create an account! My favorite charactures are Homsar and Strong Bad. If you'd like to talk to me, just post something on my talk page!


My Current thoughts

Currently I've been thinking about...

  • I've been promoted to N.E.R.D., Yay me!
  • Anime Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I Discovered the Wiki and the Website

A while back, I was watching my cousin on the computer and he was watching the sbemail:original. At the time I thought it was kind of stupid and confusing because of all the characters n' stuff. But later on, I visited the website again and watched the First time here? toon and all the character videos, that helped me understand everything a little better. The I started looking through the emails,(which I have now watched all 204 if I don't say so my self) toons, and games. After a while I wanted to see the site and found it was fake. I looked through the results and also found this website, and began looking through to see what it was. Not wanting to forget this website, I added it to my favorites. A couple months later, I joined as a user.

To Do List:

  • Create a page on this wiki. Done!
  • Work on signatures.
  • Customise and make my own user boxes.
  • Upload a picture on the wiki site.
  • Something.
  • Other thing.
  • Make more edits.

Weekly Thought

I'm banned from . . for the rest of the year. . . Yay. . . I hate grades.

Bottom 10

10. Roaches

  • One word explains it all: EEEWWWWWW!!!!!!

9. Wannabes

  • "Like, ow, I like broke my nail," or, "Dude . . . Dude!"

8. People who don't understand I have am slightly OCD

  • ME: {straighten.}

OTHER PERSON: {unstraighten.}
ME: (most likely.) {Slaps the other person.}
7. People who think I'm a retard, even though I'm just weird in my own way. >:(

  • That, or I'm just . . .I can't think of it right now

6. Umm. . . not not not butts.

  • They make funny jokes and umm. . . yeah.

5. People who quote the same quote from the weekly quote more than 3 times.

  • "Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar."Door is ajar.". . ."

4. Those ads that say, "Congratulations, you have won a free wii; Click here to claim it now."

  • If you have not seen these before: "Congratulations, you are lucky!"

3. People who think I am 8 years old and treat me like it too.

  • This is self explanitory.

2. People who swear, and/or curse for no absolute reason.

  • Oh yeah, in middle school, this is common and annoying.

1. People who crack their knuckles in the middle of class.


My Contributions and Thanks

Different School

Oh yes, it's my student dream!

Wehhhllllllll. . . The quiet people, they'd talk, (Hello!)
and the school band would rock, (Meedly meee!)
and a stick would be this that'd try to eat everyone 'cept my buds and me, (And me! We'll see!)
and all the snobs would be underground in a box filled up with peas! (We hate peas. I know!)
The snack shack would give away flame throwers that shoot chocolate dollar bills, (Dark chocolate!)
and stupid annoying lowers would have been born with horns and a taiiiiilllllll . . . (I'm a devil.)
and all the mean teachers couldn't hack it, (WE QUIT!)
and my GSG teacher wouldn't change at all 'cept he'd look like an APA basket ball!
1, 2, 3, 4. . .
This little weirdo would be a totally cute guy,
you know the kind that are very cute,
but they don't mess around with other girls. (I'm forever your boy!)

Some random crud crap:
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