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[edit] About myself:

Hi everybody! My name is Ethan, but you can call me by my username if you want to. I'm also 3panda94 on Homestar Runner Wiki Forum. I also have a YouTube account called PercyandDuckfan94 where I make mainly Thomas & Friends fan made videos, but I do like other stuff like Homestar Runner.

[edit] How I know about Homestar Runner:

I first heard about Homestar Runner from some of my YouTube friends like missoliverandblossom, trainlover476, and trainboy7 back when I joined YouTube in February 2008. I didn't much about it until around the beginning of November 2008 when I asked some of my other friends "What was Homestar Runner?" After watching some of the toons, I loved it ever since.

[edit] My favorite characters

[edit] Thomas/Homestar Runner parody clips

Ever since I started liking Homestar Runner around November 2008, I decided to make some parody clips be using "Thomas & Friends" clips and casting what characters from Thomas would play as the characters from "Homestar Runner".

Here's my cast so far.

[edit] Pages I made on Homestar Runner Wiki

[edit] My favorite Strong Bad Emails:

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