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Here is a list of Homestar Runner-related things that I believe to be true. Some of them are just conjecture (and therefore I cannot prove them), while I have definite proof for others (but the wiki's consensus is that they are not true). They are listed in order from most plausible to least. Highlight the blank space between each entry to read more about it.

Notice that the secret deleted scene actually was present in the new version of the toon. Notice also that the style of the title card in the secret deleted scene is a bit more plain than the other three deleted scenes. Finally, notice that the description mentions that Marzipan's "lines were cut". Now, in the context of the new version, this doesn't make any sense, but it does make sense in the context of the old version. Therefore, it is possible that the toon was released to the website in a few different stages:

1) The old version is released by itself. Marzipan has no dialogue, because Missy has not been chosen as her voice yet.

2) The so-called secret deleted scene is released separately. Now Marzipan has dialogue for the first time, and some other changes have been made to the scene. The point of this deleted scene is to serve as a preview for the new version.

3) The new version is released, along with the DVD menu. Three fake deleted scenes are included as a parody of typical DVD special features, and The Brothers Chaps happen to use a similar title card style. Since the "secret" deleted scene is now part of the new version, the link to it is orphaned altogether.

The quote in question is from Bubs, and it says "I got it-I got everything you wan know. Everybody know me, my name Cornbread." Now, of course, that is a reference to A Decemberween Pageant, but I can guarantee it is not an outtake from A Decemberween Pageant. Listen closely to the quote's audio, and you'll notice that the quality is distinctly better than that found in A Decemberween Pageant (even on DVD or YouTube). You will also notice that Bubs speaks faster than in Pageant, and that his voice has evolved much more. There is no way that The Brothers Chaps could have produced such good quality audio in 2002, nor could they have accurately predicted what Bubs would sound like in 2006. There is no doubt that this quote is, in fact, much more recent in origin.

While I don't have nearly as concrete proof about where this quote comes from, I believe that it is actually an outtake from myths & legends because it was the most recent toon as of February 16, 2006... but also because it fits perfectly in context if you switch it with the only line Bubs has in that email. Strong Bad narrates how Bear-Holding-A-Shark fever became very popular, followed by Bubs peddling relevant tchotchkes. If you put the Quote of the Week in its place, now Bubs appears to be giving out (potentially false or shady) information about Bear-Holding-A-Shark to tourists, then stumbling on his words and repeating the classic line.

I previously mentioned this here as an anonymous user back in 2009, but it fell on deaf ears.

After Strong Bad realizes that he effectively allowed Homestar to cheat, he interjects some variation of "dang". I clearly heard "Aw, da-ding-a-da-dang!" which is in character for Strong Bad to say. The wiki transcript says "Aw, the ding and the dang!". This seems somewhat out of character. In fact, it's closer to something Old Timey Strong Bad would say. "Curses! These pants are in fact not gold, but mere run-of-the-mill bronze! Oh, the ding and the dang of it all!" Unfortunately, the audio quality is too poor to tell for sure.

Upon learning that Strong Bad's food processor can turn whatsit into gold, we "cut to the kot eating something. he spits takes." Due to the odd grammar of this sentence, there are two ways to interpret it.

A) The King of Town has been eating something (we don't know what it is) and he performs a spit-take.

B) The King of Town has been eating some tacks (you know, the brass kind that Homestar didn't bring because he drove?) and spits them out.

I'd like to think it was both, and when the KOT hears the startling news, he performs a spit-take, and a bunch of tacks fly out of his mouth onto the table (where he often eats and watches TV).

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