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(as my first act upon returning, let's finally bring those sigs into the 21st century)
(if tbc can scramble to make something this w'eve, then so can i. enter scRambLE WRENCH.)
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ween. change this every year.
ween. change this every year.
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Here are my signatures.

Current Signature:  ■■   PURPLE  WRENCH   ■■

Normal Signature:  ■■   PURPLE  WRENCH   ■■

Earlier Normal Signature: pwrenchsigstart.pngPURPLE=WRENCHpwrenchsigend.png

Earliest Normal Signature: Ɔ=PURPLE=WRENCH=C

TrogDay (13 January, the release date of dragon) Signature:  ■■   BURNT  WRENCH   ■■

Onion Bubs Day (3 September, the release date of original) Signature:    ONION  WRENCH!  

Decemberween (December, because it's a general holiday time) Signature:  ■■   PURPLE Φ ORNAMENT   ■■

CheatDay (18 April, the date of The Cheat's fake I.D. as seen in cheatday) Signature:  ■■   MINING  WRENCH   ■■

Halloween (October, because the Wrench has to rip its costume off and make a new one every year) Signatures:
2014: pwrenchsigstartw14.pngPYORPLE=WRENCHpwrenchsigendw14.png
2015:  ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ TRAUNCLE WRENCH ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

Erf Day (22 April, the national day to celebrate Pistols for Pandas) Signature:  ◯     PURPLE  PISTOL   

Thanksgiving (November, because we don't exactly know when the Challenge of the Crystal Shards ends) Signature:    PURPLE  SHARD *

Talk Like A Pirate Day (19 September, the international day to play Monkey Island) Signature:  ■■   PARRGHPLE  WRENCH   ■■

Senorial Day (Memorial Day, be clause it's the thyme when Senor Cord-Rage petals his wires) Signature:  ■■   POPLE  STENCH?   ■■

Purple Wrench Day (26 January, the release date of Hremail 62) Signature: pwrenchsigstart62.pngP U RDPALNEG WIRTE,N C H ! pwrenchsigend62.png

King of Construction Plus Flipper Sbemailiarized Forxe Day (1 April, wonder mike! </span>) Signatures:


2015: dlindosig.png D. Lindo (converse)
2016: The Purple Wrench Preservation Society

And the memory of an image-based sig from April 2014 that sadly doesn't conform to Wiki standards: pwrenchsigmain.pngpwrenchsigtalk.pngpwrenchsigctrb.png

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