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[edit] Hi everybody everybody

I'm Julianna. I was born in South America, so, my first language happens to be Spanish, but I lived 3 years in England and I can speak english (Isn't that great?). So, I'm able to love Now, how did I get there? Well, it's a very long and interesting story...that I don't feel like telling...just kidding. Well, I remember I saw the name "homestar runner" somewhere in I searched for it, and I founded that "loveable thingy" (loveable thingy: I use that expression a lot) called Homestar. I went to 'kipedia, and I founded this wiki.

And now I'm here, editing the User Page, writting pointless stuff. But IT'S FUN ^^.


[edit] Who am I?

I don't know, do you? (kidding).

You should know my name is Julianna. I'm 14 years old, turning 15 on December 1. I live South America, but I moved to England when I was 5 years old. 3 years later, I went back to my Hogar Dulce Hogar, improving my english. I'm learning some french, too. And I'd like to speak japanese someday. I really love learning new languages (so I can have friends around the world).

Ok, now, little facts about me:

Likes: Dancing (I dance ballet), singing, writting, playing sports, (obviously) and, obviously (again), learning new languages!!!

Common phrases: Loveable thingy: I say that almost 5 times per hour!! Cuuuuute!!: Like 5-9 times a day. A lot: I say that a lot, too!!

Every character is cute:

Homestar Runner: So cute!!!! He deserves a hug!!! *julianna hugs homestar* I LOVE his speech impediments (isn't that gWeat?). I think they make him even cuter.

Strong Bad: CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! Holy Crap adorable!! (BTW..I'm saying Holy Crap a lot these days...and my parents don't like of silence, here I come!!!)

Strong Sad: Aww!! Isn't he cute?! He NEEDS a hug!!!! *julianna hugs Strong Sad*


Marzipan: Yes, she rocks. And I like the Answering Machine a lot. And yes, Free Country USA (Matt and Mike, pay attention here!!) is OK with Marzipan as the ONLY girl. Don't change it!!

Coach Z: Personal favorite. Cute, creepy, weird and green. I CAN'T ASK MORE FOR A GENTLEMAN!! (er...just kidding)

Bubs: Not-so-favorite, but I love dancing too!!


The Poopsmith: I think I'll take a vote of silence too...

Pom Pom: Too many girls, Pom Pom!! XD

Homsar: He's a song from the sixties. I admire that.

KOT: Awww!! Poor old man!! Nobody likes him!! I like KOT a lot 'cause he's so kind and loveable! (yes, I like the characters a lot!)

[edit] Subtitles Project

So, I've been translatin' some toons on h*rwiki and man, it's so fun! Gimme teh tooones!! LOL. It's actually very, very funny translate CEREBELLUM-D into CEREBELADA (or something like that). Isn't that cool, Homestar?

Homestar. Yeah. It's actally weally gweat.

Julianna. So, what have you been doing?

Homestar. Oh! I recently had a date with Marzipan!

Julianna. Whoa-oh! How was it?

Homestar. Umm... She dwopped her mashmallows on me. But she still loves me.

Julianna. Er... yeah. You two are such a lovely couple.

Homestar. Thanks, Julieta.

Julianna. My name is Julianna.

Homestar. I know!

Julianna. I'm out of time here, so, see you later! Bye!

Homestar. Good night!!

Julianna. It's 5.25 PM.

Homestar. It's getting late.

Julianna. You are so funny!

Homestar. Weally? Okay, bye!

[edit] Toons!!! I mean... Thanks!!!

Thanks for visiting my user page. Have fun and.. well, have fun. Leave a comment if you want. So, that's it. Nos vemos!

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