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This is actually the user formerly know as Wasd98, just so you know.


Rondleman, you crack me up! QUACK! ME! UP!

Hello everybody! I am Rondelman. Not the real Rondleman from Regional Shipping Management Resources, it's just my username. My real name is Calvin and I'm from Rochester,New York. I'm 14 now. I FEEL OLD. Anyways, I can't really remember the first toon I ever saw,I think it was the email guitar. Than I was all like "DUDE THIS IS AMAZING". So yeah


  • Edit pages and have my edits stay on there (Check!)
  • Create more pages (Also Check!)
  • Make A donation
  • Become an sysop (Yeah Right)

Pages I've created

emails I sent to Strong Bad

I forgot my exact words but I asked him about his parents once,then he almost showed a picture of his parents in the chair so I emailed him again,but I got nothing.So I stopped.

Dear Strong bad did u ever have a crush on a girl in school? Not crapfully yours, Calvin

Dear amazing, cool, super awesome strong bad What is your favorite meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Stay fresh, Calvin



Dangeresque Game Walkthrough I made

A video I made to celebrate 10 years of H*R

How I found this amazing place

Well one day I was on the computer searching homestar pics for some stupid reason and the one of the pictures was from HR wiki.Before I hit "see full size image" I looked at the website it was from and checked it out, and the rest was history.

Statistics about me

I am 13 years old

I live in 2 houses (My parents are separated)

I have made almost 500 contributions

I have created about 15 pages (including deleted ones)

My power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!

Favorite quotes

Strong Sad: Uhh, Strong Bad, were you just first-basin' it with that piece of loose leaf?

Marzipan: Coach Z may I please ask why you're buying all those great for baby items? Coach Z: I'd prefer that you didn't.

Coach Z: You don't need no consummate V's to be my bride.

Crakotage (Voiced by Crack Stuntman): Hey, I was thinking that right here would be a great place for a casino or a dinosaur to happen!

Stuff I do on the Wiki

I like to:

Patrol the recent changes.

Do gnome work.

Welcome users.

Chat on the IRC Channel.

Make pages.

Talk on the talk pages.

Do projects.

Meet cool users.


And in..

THE END!!! Thanks for reading! Now go create some useful pages!!!

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