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Hi, I'm Sbdisciples, or you can call me Alex. I joined on March 2. I am a pretend guy that... comes around... and... gets run over by a lawnmover blade. I mean I am in middle school and really like I go thier every day.


How it started

All throughout November and December 2003 my friend was telling me to go onto On January 6, 2004 I did. The top of the main page said "new Strong Bad email" so i clicked on it. It was army and a was thouroghly confused because i thought that Strong Badia was a girl. For a few days i was confused, and then a saw the first time here button. I thought it was hilarous- i was hooked. i go there almost every day now.

Believe it or not I do more things besides the wiki

I do many extra ciricular activities. From sports to jewish education.

The places I go

  • Kadima- Jewish education for seventh and eighth graders
  • Tae Kwon Do- a defensive martial art that i take. i am 2 belts away from black belt.
  • Boy scouts- currently I'm nowhere near eagle scout
  • Chess- I am in a chess club


  • Instruments- i play 2 instruments
    • Piano- I've been playing piano for three and a half
    • Cello- I've been playing cello for about 8 months
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