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That tongue is classic

I quite enjoy Homestar Runner, obviously. What you may not know is that I'm pretty much you're average guy named Tyler who spends way too much time in recent changes doing gnome stuff. But I like it there, it gives me comfort in its own special way. This userpage is a haphazard amalgamation of stuff that I feel like disclosing. It changes whenever (but not often).

Here it go.

Good Line From a Recent Toon

WARRIOR: Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior!


I guess are standard for these I'll put in some.

And maybe some other stuff.

I also have my own "Website"

Pretty Awesome Achievements

Current Project

50K Racewalker—I'm doing it. The whole thing. Just try to stop me.
A stupid popup thing just lost my place in the game, so I have to start again. I was only at 6.53, so it could be worse. I am still going to do it.
Updates when I feel like it.

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