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[edit] Contributions

[edit] Analysis of Drive Thru Whale Speech Patterns

The Drive Thru Whale speaks in a crackly voice that oftentimes doesn't make any sense.

[edit] Quotes

  • Would you like to try a combo meal?- an expected question from a fast food restaurant
  • Nine seventeen, sever your leg please, sir.- The first part is the price, the second part is very unexpected.
  • Sever your leg, please, it's the greatest day.- the last part could be a play on "it's as plain as day".
  • It's brown.- merely answering the question concerning the toy
  • Pour gravel on your stump, ma'am.- very weird
  • Cave your brown.- also nonsensical.
  • Relinquish your pipes, please, fellas- the whale is being made fun of
  • Slice your fingers thin (implied)- may be a reference to either chicken fingers or french fries, and also the fact that Bubs doesn't have fingers
  • Please smile for the Blubbo's satellite camera- nothing wrong, but weird that they have a satellite camera. Also, satellite cameras are usually not for taking pictures.
  • In the event of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open- part of it is supposed to refer to what will happen in the event of a fire, but oddly segues into keeping the salad bar open
  • Have you fried our population bombs- "fried" is supposed to be "tried", but it is unknown what "population bombs" are.
  • Steve drive around to the seventh window- he might mean second, as some fast food restaurants have one window for taking orders and another for picking them up. Also, he says "Steve" instead of "please".
  • Register does not contain more than fifty doctors.- It means "dollars". This is a reference to a method of theft deturrence used by some businesses.
  • No more games. I'll take your rock and beat you with it.- A bit upset at Strong Bad for some reason. The second sentence is rather strange.
  • Please pick up your Le Burger and french fries and leave the tulip on the counter.- Nothing unusual except for leaving a tulip on the counter.
  • Please. Stay the way you are.- This is in response to Strong Bad saying "Do I get any change?". The Whale may have misinterpreted the meaning of "change".
  • Turn around! The terrarium's been flooded!- A terrarium is a place for growing plants. It is surprising that it would be flooded, but strange that it would be in a fast food restaurant.
  • Tame your hunger monster, try our half-hearted taco meal.- A slightly awkward way of advertising a taco meal.
  • That'll be 2,000 yen.- It doesn't realize that it's not in Japan. Also, that is roughly equivalent to US$20.
  • Please enter your password. - Nothing wrong aside from there not being a reason or way to enter a password.
  • On a sunny day, don't forget to bring out your power tools.- This is nothing more than a non-sequitur.
  • When in Rome, show off what ya got.- A strange play on "When in Rome, do as Romans do", meaning "When in an unfamiliar location, try to act like everyone else".
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