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Welcome to my 'age. notice that there is no 'take a crap in it.' in it. please keep it that way.


The Usual

I was born in a log cabin back in 1872 and then I.. Er...Nevermind.

How I found Homestar.

I went over my friend's house, and he was playing TROGDOR!, which looked pretty cool. As I ventured home, I went on the website he was on, and watched the Latest toon.(at the time.) I was instantly hooked. The hilarity of those dumb animal characters never ceases to amaze.


The Wiki and I

Um...I have no idea when or how I found the wiki. Someteen years ago, that's as much as I know.

The Best of Awards

Best 'toon: Cool Things

Best Short: TrogdorCon '97

Best Holiday: Homestar Presents: Presents

Best Sbemail: montage

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