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Your obviously here because you like, so welcome! How do you like my user thing? Yeah, feel free to look around. I highly suggest watching the Strong Bad Emails and A Jorb Well Done. And Homestar Talker isn't that bad, I mean, I've played it.

About me/ Fave stuff

I'm a Homestar Runner fan, like you obviously, because if you weren't, you wouldn't be here. I totally respect The Brothers Chaps. My fave color is red, I live in Canada and I have the strongbad_email.exe DVD and Strong Bad Sings and other type hits CD. (and I want a *coughs* homestarrunnertshirt *coughs*)I like going to Special:Randompage, 'cause.. It's super great.


  • Toon: Bug in Mouth Disease
  • Short:20X6 vs 1936
  • Holiday: The Best Decemberween Ever/ Under Construction(TiE'D!)
  • Puppet: Everybody Knows It
  • Powered by The Cheat: Everybody to the Limit
  • Strong Bad Email: Caffeine (#91)
  • Game: TROGDOR!
  • Character: The Cheat

In the future?

What you can expect here:

  • A Homestar Runner comic series (Fall/Winter 2005)
  • A Homestar flash movie by me (Never 20X6)
  • And more!
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