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My Quote of Awesomeness

"The Good Times Are Over!

(Homestar Runner, Bug In Mouth Disease)

Hey there everypeople! My name Cornbread! I mean, I'm ClubPenguin923! For those of you who don't know what my name is, it's all about my 3rd favorite website; Club Penguin! Club Penguin is this massive multiplayer game. In other words, a virtual world. You make a penguin and explore! All right, enough about CP. For those of you who are annoyingly curious, my 1st and 2nd favorite sites are (It's dot com!) and HR Wiki, respectively.

Okay, enough about my fake name. My real first name is Ryan. I am 13 years old, and, of course, a huge Homestar fan. Look for me in the talk pages; those are my favorites.

Some Worthless Backround Stuff

I've known about Homestar Runner for a long time, but really never got into it a lot until the summer of '06, when my older brother told me about how funny Strong Bad Emails were. And he was freakin' right! I laughed my eyeballs out! I watched pop-up like fourteen times! That 'with only half the chance of rabies' part makes me scream with laughter everytime.

The first new Strong Bad Email I ever saw was keep cool. Man, I was quoting that one for, like, a week! Also, I'm, like, the 4 branches quote master. My family has heard my jokes about that one a million times, and I can still make them roll on the floor!

          Note: My user page is still in progress
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