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==Single-line version==
==Single-line version==
<div style="background-color:#FFFFCC; border:1px solid #FFFF3E; text-align: center;"><b>H*R in your language:</b> &nbsp; [[HRWiki:Welcome/de|Deutsch]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/he|עברית]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/es|Español]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/fr|Français]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/nl|Nederlands]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/fi|Suomi]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/pl|Polski]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/pt-br|Português do Brasil]]</div>
<div style="background-color:#FFF9BF; padding: .25em .5em; border:1px solid #FFD980; text-align: center;"><b>Homestar Runner in your language:</b> &nbsp; [[HRWiki:Welcome/de|Deutsch]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/he|עברית]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/es|Español]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/fr|Français]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/nl|Nederlands]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/fi|Suomi]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/pl|Polski]] | [[HRWiki:Welcome/pt-br|Português do Brasil]]</div>

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This is where I will make a box to be put on the main page, to link to international versions of Trey's welcome page prototype.


Narrow version


Single-line version

Homestar Runner in your language:   Deutsch | עברית | Español | Français | Nederlands | Suomi | Polski | Português do Brasil
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