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Welcome to me! Tehleet Treepos! No, that is not my real name but it sounds better than my Real Name... which I will not reveal because I'm lazy.

How it all began I started watching Homestar Cartoons in Feb 8 2004, one day before my 12th Birthday. I did not have internet at the time, I was watching them with my best friend.

My Firsts

Email: 33 gimmicks and 118 virus (Similarly, the emails where his computers died)
Toon (et all): A Jorb Well Done (Because the Welcome Toon Suggested it)
Game: Homestar Talker (Same as the Toon)

Tehleet's Favorites

Big Toon: [The]Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Short: Sick Day
PBTC: Everybody to the Limit or mile
Puppet Stuff: Biz Cas Fri 1, Biz Cas Fri 2, and Biz Cas Fri 3
Holiday: The House That Gave Sucky Treats
Email: 4 branches
MAM: Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 6.0 (Because of Homestar's "stupidity")
TGS: Teen Girl Squad Issue 7
Character Video: Strong Bad's
Charcter: Homestar Runner (or Cazaestrella Corredor in spanish)
Game: Stinkoman 20X6

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