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I'm a girl... or maybe a wagon... filled up with pancakes.

I'm TheGirl - it's a nickname that stuck. I try to be a positive person despite life's challenges. I'm not a drama queen or suicidal, I'm just me. Too many crazy chicks out there, wouldn't you say?

I like playing with graphics and music on the computer. I'm not a computer nerd, but I learn things pretty quick. My brother got me started on this page, and though I might be "stealing" ideas from people across the site, I think I'm doing okay so far.  :)

I'm way into volleyball, I like to read, and I love music. And, of course, I love Homestar Runner and the gang. I especially like Marzipan, but there are some things that I can't figure out about her. I mean, she's a vegetarian, for one thing. I just couldn't do that - I don't like very many vegetables and tofu is pretty "blah" .. you know?

Anyway, I don't know if I'll ever make any big changes here. I'm just not fast enough to beat the experts and get new stuff on here. I know grammar pretty good, I'm, great, with, punctuation, and I sppell pretty well, so maybe I can help there.  ;) And I think I can add some opinions to the discussions here and there, too.

What We Need:

We need more unscripted stuff. More Little Girl and Other Little Girl and Very, Very Little Girl. I'd love to see them all together. Maybe with a new puppet. Strong Sad? Strong Mad? That would be funny! The girls decide what to say to Strong Mad, and let Strong Mad just react, looking confused and concerned.

I'd also like to see a BIG big toon. Twenty minutes. Yeah, that'd be good. Even worth going a week without an update if we could just get a toon like that.

My babies, Genghis Khan and Medusa:

Toodle-oo toots, everyone. {beep}

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