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Who's Me?

29 years old, tech-of-all-trades, U.S. mid-Atlantic.

Special Expertises

  • Music and audio
  • Japanese language and culture
  • Latin language
  • English philology/etymology and grammar
  • Computer programming and operation, with a particular interest in history

To Do

Donepop-up vs bottom 10: Is that really the same sound effect? Nope, sure isn't.
Donepop-up: Is it "Senor" or "Señor"? Totally Senor.
DoneDocument the items in Definite Article and remove inappropriate ones. Gosh, I'm ambitious! Yeah, I just came up with a mostly-new version of that page. We'll see what people think.
Donepop-up: Confirm the claim about Chicken Foot dominoes. Too late. Already debunked.
DoneIntegral Article: Give this name some time to stick, then track down and make consistent all links to it. All clean, except for Talk and User pages.
To dospace program: Remark on "The Strap".

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