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Welp, I'm the coachsmith.



Born into a family burninated by Trogdor himself, the elusive Coachsmith prefers to be solitary, occasionally grouping with others of its kind to ask for money. The preffered snack of The Coachsmith is a frozen banana with nuts. DO NOT attempt to feed The Coachsmith under any circumstance.

Favorites Of The Coachsmith

A few lists of my favorite Homestar Runner things.

My Favorite Character Countdown!

10. The Poopsmith. This guy is like, totally smellin' bad with his crappy job.

09. Pom Pom. I don't know what's up with this guy, but he's pretty cool. And round.

08. Bubs. I mean, he's got drinks, drinks, drinks and slaw dogs! What's not to like?


06. Homestar Runner. Suprised? Not no more! He's so stupidly funny.

05. Strong Sad. Ohhhh. I don't wanna do a description. Leave me alone!

04. Strong Bad. Only freakin' fourth place?! You stupid crap-for-crap!

03. The King Of Town. He'll eat your babies. "It's true you know!"

02. Coach Z. Yeah, I like the Coarch. Why nort?

01. Homsar. AaAaAaAaAaAaAa! I'm a new trend!

My Favorite Emails!

05. time capsule - "Those first 400 bites of dirt weren't so good." - Stinkoman

04. virus - "Last scan was NEVER ago." - Edgarware.exe

03. secret recipes - "Homestar Runner definitely does not have a stupid uncle egg." - Narrator

02. garage sale - "Coach Z, can I ask you why you're buying all of the "Great for Baby" items?" "I'd prefer if you didn't." - Marzipan and Coach Z

01. rock opera - "Famous ladies always like SBEMAIL!" - Strong Bad

Best... Toon... Ever.

Senor Mortgage - "One of them said they'd buy me lunch, but I don't see nobody takin' me to Chick-Fil-A." - Senor Cardgage

The Wicked...est? Places

03. Bubs' Concession Stand

02. The Stick

01. King of Town's Castle

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